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Review of Physiotherapy Research

Musculoskeletal conditions (pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons) are the leading cause of pain and disability in the UK, affecting more than 10 million people. These conditions can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life, as well as affecting their family, friends, carers and the wider society.

Review of physiotherapy research

Published in 2018, the National Institute for Health and care Research’s  Themed review, ‘Moving Forward: Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing’, brings together high quality research from over the past decade, with the aim to give a clear direction to patients, physiotherapists, researchers, commissioners and planners of physiotherapy and musculoskeletal services.

The research featured in Moving Forward clearly showed that early access to physiotherapy services, exercise, activity and self-management advice can improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and reduce the need for further investigations and treatments.

However, the full version is complex, it’s 64 pages long and includes over 50 studies, so we created a public version of the Moving Forward Review. The public version aims to empower physiotherapists and patients to work together to improve their quality of life and manage their MSK conditions using best evidence.

The public version is below and the full version is further down the page.

Moving Forward Public Version

Moving Forward Full Version