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Within each area you will find links to download and read the resources, which include patient information, publications, clinician training and videos.

Hand Osteoarthritis Video

A group of health professionals, patient representatives, rheumatologists and researchers collaborated to produce a series of short videos for both patients and health care professionals with practical information about hand osteoarthritis. The videos cover different topics such as basic information about hand osteoarthritis, the patient’s story, instruction for exercises demonstrating of aids to be used in and around the house, and splinting. The project was funded by EULAR and Keele University’s Impact Accelerator Unit.

The full course can be found here – Course: EULAR HPR Guide for Hand Osteoarthritis

You can watch Christine’s story of living with hand osteoarthritis 

With tips on how she manages day to day here

Hand Osteoarthritis Leaflet

This hand osteoarthritis information leaflet has been co-produced with patients and the public, clinicians and academic staff at Keele University

Osteoarthritis of the hand

Keele Pain Recorder App

The Keele Pain Recorder (KPR) is a mobile application (app) which was developed by patients for patients.

The app has undergone clinical trials and been subject to scientific evaluation. It records your level of pain, how this interferes with your life, mood, and sleep on a daily or weekly basis. It records how medication is helping your condition, or if you experience side effects. This can be shared with your doctor to help treat your condition via Email or through the app itself. 

With support from the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMASHN)( and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group ( the KPR is freely available to all pain sufferers.

Download via Google Play or on the Apple app store by clicking on the box below.

Dr John Bedson introduces the Keele Pain Recorder (KPR)

And describes its benefits for patients managing pain